Toilet Cleaning Agent - GO STAR

Toilet Cleaning Agent - GO STAR - Detergent for cleaning and the removal of scale and rust from the bathroom floor, shower cubicles, hand basin and toilet bowls, etc.

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Toilet Cleaning Agent - GO STAR
Features :
- Germicide and deodourizing
- Contains hydrochloric acid - corrosive & flammable
- Effectively removes grease

Method of Use
1. Spray the cleaning agent where needed (i.e. toilet, tiles and rusty areas)
2. Scrub affected areas thoroughly
3. Rinse clean with water
Precaution : Do not use on any other surfaces except those indicated above

Standard Amount of Use  : Use about 10ml per toilet bowl

Packages 1L / 18.75 L (5 gallon)

Warning: Harmful if swallow. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Store at dry and cool place

Origin: Korea

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