The Neutralizer NEUTRALIZER

The Neutralizer NEUTRALIZER - Detergent use for neutralizing alkaline remain on the floor, using in industrial cleaning and construction building floor.

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The Neutralizer NEUTRALIZER
The Neutralizer is the strong acid detergent (pH 1~2.5) include: water (50-60%), Insan (40-50%), acid (5-20%) that fast neutralized alkaline chemicals using in the previous cleaning progress.

How to use
- The NEUTRALIZER should be dilute with clean water, the rate depend on the alkaline detergent used and the floor area. 
- Recommend dilute the neutralizer at the rate of 1:50-150 (one part neutralizer, fifty to one hundred and fifty parts water).
- Apply the diluted neutralizer onto the floor surface that need clean.
- Clean the floor with water 2 or 3 times
- Dry the floor before go to the next process.

Packages: 3.75l (1 gallon)

Original: KOREA

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