The static and anti-static floor. Manual to maintain antistatic floor


I - What static is and the essential of anti-static vinyl floor

A static electric charge can be created whenever two surfaces contact and separate. The effects of static electricity are familiar to most people because people can feel, hear it. But it will be problem in some special field such as bio laboratory, electric assembly factory, clean room, ...

Static electricity will cause small lightning when discharge. When it exceed the limit, it can become the large fire.

Anti-static floor made from conducting surface layer that ensures any excess charge is evenly distributed in any kind of surface.
Application of anti-static floor: Clean room, Bio Laboratory, Electronic assembly factory, data center and computer room

Vinyl antistatic floor in assembly factory of LG Vietnam

Vinyl antistatic floor in assembly factory of LG Vietnam

II - How to clean, polish or wax anti-static vinyl floor

A. For daily cleaning floor:
-  Daily cleaning floor is neccessary to remove dust on the floor

Method of use:
1. Add ALL CLEAN PRO into bucket or the automatic scrubber machine . Dilute ALL CLEAN PRO with water as instructed below.
      1:150 for heavily soiled floor
      1:200 for daily cleaning
      1:300 for weekly daylight cleaning

2. Clean the floor with the automatic floor cleaner or the mop

3. Rinse clean with water, wait until floor dry

Cleaning antistatic floor in LG Electrolux

Cleaning antistatic floor in LG Electrolux

B. For polishing and renewing old vinyl floor

- After used, the vinyl floor will lose gradually gloss and anti-static feature. So, we need polish and renew the floor to maintain the anti-static ability of vinyl floor.

How to use
Please read the instructions carefully before applying the wax.

1. Make sure that the floor is thoroughly dry and clean. Floor should have been wet cleaned prior to application of Wax.

2. The wax may be found crumbled if it is stored in cold area other than the workplace i.e. in winter. Allow the wax on the floor in 1 - 2 hours to penetrate.

3. Always use the clean bucket and poly cotton mops/applicators.

Coating Process
1. Pour the resin wax into the bucket.
Note: Wax cannot be recycled or reused. Ensure that you pour the exact amount of wax to be used in each process.

2. Take the clean mop and immerse the mop in the bucket. 
- Wring the mop out slightly. 
- Apply a thin coat of wax to the floor. 
- Start applying the floor wax by running the mop parallel to and next to the skirting board. Form a "U” shape section of applied wax. 
- Coat the remaining floor area, inside the "U", using figure "8" stroke. Be sure to cover the entire floor. 
- Allow first coat to dry completely for approximately 1 hour, before applying second and additional coats.
- Repeat the above instructions for additional coats. More coats allow more protection for the floor and a better appearance.

3. Keep a few inches away from the skirting boards in order to avoid building up edges.

4. Let the floor dry as long as possible before using.

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